A non-impact, gentle exercise, designed to tone and reshape the body in small classes for warm, personal attention. These classes produce the fastest results in the shortest possible time with no injuries, while at the same time protecting and strengthening your back. The tiny precise, delicate pulsing movements will also work your heart in a very gentle way.

Whatever your age, sex or physical condition, it's not too late to rejuvenate your body and achieve a fantastic figure. You can have the beautiful, powerful body you deserve, if you're willing to work for it. I hope this class will help you reclaim your life and your vitality, and find yourself on the road to being fit forever.
Body Shaping Classes
Body Shaping Classes
Fast visible results   Tighten your stomach
Makes the body stronger and moreflexible   Reduce your hips
Relief from back problems   Lift and tighten your behind
Non-impact, gentle and safe   Slim your inner thighs
Stress reducing   Shape your legs
Makes every lost pound look like two   Firm your upper arms
  Improve your posture