Body Shaping Classes
Callanetics and MAE Technique have been developed to help everyone. They are safe because it's all small movements and designed around the spine, so that we don't harm anything and you get a lot of work done without putting any pressure on the joints. You can shape your body and achieve results attending once a week.  A one hour class costs from £6 and it is taken in a studio with barres, mirrors, and mats; all equipment is provided.  However, if you wanted to do more classes the results are even faster.

Results are fast, students feel a change in their body after the first workout and see a change after the second workout. These exercises makes the body stronger, more flexible. They also help people with back pain, relaxes the body, lowers stress and helps with sleep. Remember those little endorphins you release when you exercise - good for the mind. The class is like an anti-depressant and listening to the music helps boost students mood. Classes are small only thirteen students' maximum in each class, there is an accepting friendly, fun and positive atmosphere - a chance to make new friends.

An example excercise taught in the classes
Callan Pinckney
Callanetics is a series of stretching and contracting exercises that activate the body's largest muscle groups, using tiny, gentle, precise movements, called pulses.

This unique and effective exercise programme was created by Callan Pinckney who passed away on 1 March 2012.

They are done very slowly, reaching deep into the muscles to give you a strong, firm body, without adding bulk.  There are no jerking or bouncing movements in Callanetics. Callanetics is and always has been no-impact. Some people have even called it the 'no effort' exercise, but as anyone who has experienced Callanetics will tell you it only looks effortless.

It is not difficult to do, but you will feel your muscles working, as these tiny movements are in fact incredibly powerful, providing an extremely fast, safe and effective way of achieving a strong, more youthful-looking body.
MAE Technique
Mary Adams Exercise Technique (MAE Technique) is a new style of exercise which is born out of traditional Callanetics.

Her techniques are based on small and very specific movements targeted to hit the areas that really matter and work your muscles to pull them into shape.  It has a feel of the old Callanetics type of exercise which Mary fell in love with years ago.  Callan trained Mary in America and she became a Master Callanetics Teacher.  She then brought Callanetics to the UK and opened Scotland's first Callanetics studio in 1991. 

It is similar but different, there's more of a rotational move with MAE Technique, whereas Callanetics is more focused on a back and forth movement. The MAE Technique targets the muscle right at the bone.  It is Mary's spiralling, small rotational moves that differentiates it from the traditional Callanetics.
Mary Adams
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