Meet Your Teacher
Your teacher, Donna, is currently the only qualified teacher of Callanetics in Perthshire who can offer you this unique exercise programme. She fell in love with how quickly these exercises toned you up and was trained in 2003 by the Master Callanetics Teacher, Mary Adams. Donna has gone on to teach Callanetics and the Mary Adams Exercise Technique (MAE Technique) part-time ever since. Her approach is to take a personal interest to help individuals shape their body and achieve the results they want.

Donna is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals and is trained in:

• Callanetics and MAE Technique Primary & Advanced movements.
• Primary and Advanced movements of Spiralling and Rotation.
• Freestyle, variations of the above movements and exercise ball work.
• Rehabilitation, working with injuries i.e. bad backs, knee, joint problems and neck injuries
Donna McGlashan
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